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Welcome to the XZibit homepage.  You are here because you think XZibit is the coolest guy ever, just like I do.

Welcome.  You can click on the sidebar to see rides that have been pimped and put XZibit into hypothetical situations, just to see what he'd do.
March 14:
After watching X and the crew at WCC go to school on that S10 last night, I was inspired to do yet another WWXD.  Check it out.
March 12:
Today we have a new WWXD?.  Pimp My Ride season 3 began last Sunday.  X and his crew at West Coast Customs totally transformed a Ford van into a sweet party spot.
February 13:
Two updates for today.  I've decided to change the "Stories" page to an XZibit "Movies/TV" page.  Stay tuned for that.  Today also brings a new WWXD?
February 10:
Today we have 3 new updates.  There is a new true story about XZibit and a new "What Would XZibit Do?"
The final one is the biggest.  After searching the internet, I've discovered that a new season of Pimp My Ride is set to start in March.


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