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What Would XZibit Do?
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Well, here's what he'd do...

Situation: XZibit is in line at Wendy's when a child spills his rootbeer all over X's brand new sneakers.
WWXD: XZibit turns to the kid and starts breaking out the mad rhymes of "Beware of Us", from his album "Weapons of Mass Destruction".  He sings the radio edit version, bleeping out the swear words on his own, cause he's like that.  The kid is frightened, but not exposed to bad language and he runs to his father.  His father happens to be Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.  Brian gets all up in XZibit's face.  This is when XZibit gets his walk on and twists out of the store into his waiting Hummer H2.  He rides away, listening to "Multiply".

The Dramatization

Situation: XZibit is surfing the internet, getting the latest updates on new spinners for his Hummer when he comes across a website that is making fun of him.
WWXD: XZibit doesn't take kindly to this.  He has Strong Arm Steady fuel up his jet and he flys to Pittsburgh.  He kicks down the door of the house and finds the creator of the website.  Before he has time to explain, XZibit pulls out a Tec-9 and shoots him.  Afterwards, he sings "Klack", just to drive the point home.

The Dramatization

Situation: XZibit is chilling at a party with a sexy girl that he just met.  Things are going well until some trick-ass mark starts putting his moves on her.
WWXD: XZibit proceeds to get right in the guy's face.  After just a few words, XZibit totally lays the beat down on this bitch.  He then hooks back up with his woman and they leave the party.  They take XZibit's Pepsi truck back to his place for a night of fun.

The Dramatization

Situation: X to the Z is cruising home late one night after a party.  Suddenly an SUV veers in the way of his sweet-ass Hummer and runs him off the road.
WWXD: X is furious and ready to spit fire.  He begins walking over to the Mercedes, getting prepared to kick some serious ass.  Suddenly, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen get out of the SUV.  They are genuinely sorry for what happened and plead with XZibit to let them off the hook.  X can think of only one way for them to make up for what happened.  He takes them back to his Hummer and has hot sex with both of them at the same time.

The Dramatization

Situation: XZibit's good friend Busta Rhymes starts talking about how much of a poser X is.  X gets furious and wants to prove how hardcore he is.  Busta says that he has to spend the night in a haunted house.
WWXD: Of course, XZibit takes the challenge.  He gets to the house and begins exploring.  Suddenly, he hears a noise.  He enters a dark room, ready to draw his 9, when he is greeted by a ghost.  It is no normal ghost, it is the ghost of Austrian rock singer Falco.  They spend the night recording some sweet ass music.  The next day, Busta has to pay up.

The Dramatization

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